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After years of living on the East Coast, my family and I packed up and moved West.  But instead of pounding out paragraphs on a keyboard, I picked up my paint brushes and revived an old dream. 


Years later I'm still making a mess in my studio. My work has evolved from traditional oil painting to include encaustics and mixed media. My subject matter varies as much as the northwest weather and includes abstracts, landscapes and figures. 

For those unacquainted with encaustic painting--it's an ancient medium made of beeswax, pigment and damar. It was originally used by the Egyptians to paint portraits on sarcophagi.  Cool, right?


In more recent times, paint manufacturers created beautiful, easy-to-use encaustic media that give artists more time to explore subject matter rather than mix paint.  Encaustics are a fascinating medium that must be heated into a liquified form to adhere to a solid surface.  Like acrylics, it can be opaque or translucent.  It can be thinly applied or thick like impasto.  You can carve it, scrape it or embed objects like maps and photographs, thread and fabric, tissue paper and window screen, right into the wax. 

This website gives you a bit of everything--well, ok, not everything. If you love something and it is sold, contact me anyway.  I may have something similar in my studio.  I also hope to get some charcoal figure drawings added soon.  

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BA, Boston College, English and Communications

Studio Art Minor

Studio Courses & Workshops

Life Drawing Open Studio

Bainbridge Island, ongoing

Winslow Arts Center

Bainbridge Island

Museum School of the Boston Museum of Fine Art

Boston, MA


The DeCordova Museum

Lincoln, MA

Danforth Museum

Framingham, MA


Bainbridge Island Public Art Committee, member, 2016-present

Arts & Humanities Bainbridge, Board Member, VP, 2010-2013



Armstrong Art Gallery & Amelia Wynn Winery, Bainbridge Island, Holiday Group Show


"Figuratively Speaking," Bainbridge Arts & Crafts--The Art Project


Treehouse Cafe, Bainbridge Island, Strawberry Hill Artist Group Show


Treehouse Cafe, Bainbridge Island, solo show



16th Annual Expressions Northwest, Northwinds Arts Center, Port Townsend


Treehouse Cafe, Bainbridge Island, solo show

Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, Arts & Humanities Bainbridge Auction


Treehouse Cafe, Bainbridge Island, solo show

Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, Arts & Humanities Bainbridge Auction


Treehouse Cafe, Bainbridge Island, solo show

Winslow Art Center, Bainbridge Island

Bainbridge Performing Arts, Bainbridge Island, solo show




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